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Butter is Back



According to Grub Street, butter is back. (For some of us, however, it never left.) Chefs are now taking the luscious fat to the next level by creating new flavor combinations with ingredients like uni, bonito flakes and lavender. Check out some of New York’s best butters here.

The Fizzes



The world of fizzy water—a seemingly simple realm—has its surprising nuances. When it comes down to the details, how interchangeable are tonic water, mineral water, seltzer, carbonated water and club soda? How can we be sure to avoid a cocktail faux pas? The Kitchn breaks it down for us.

The Tiki Underground 



If you haven’t heard of the Rhum Rhum Room, it is probably because you haven’t been invited to the Desmond’s home, which is where this underground tiki bar is located. Complete with three Macaw parrots, guests are not charged for Mai Tais, and each guest leaves with a hand-made glass. Now that it’s finally warming up, we’re just awaiting our invite.



Staycation for Foodies



Boulud Sud just announced Voyage Dinner, a series of four-course meals showcasing the flavors of the Mediterranean. The journey kicks off with “An Evening In Israel,” starting now. Next up is a visit to Greece starting May 12, followed by Sicily beginning June 16 and Cote d’Azur starting July 14. The series will offer an immersive experience in these regions, and at less than $100 a meal, it is certainly a lot more affordable than flying overseas this summer!

Floral F&B



With spring (sort of) in session, it’s time to experience the natural wonders of the season. So, we found some unique and flavorful ways to incorporate flowers your meal and cocktail.

Pour a splash of jarred hibiscus syrup (soaked flowers included) into a flute followed by your favorite Prosecco. And when it’s time to break out the grill, sprinkle finely chopped lavender over a leg of lamb and leave overnight. When it hits the flames, the calming fragrance will relax your hungry guests!



What’s the Next Food hybrid?



Hopefully, we’ve all tasted the cronut by now. So what’s next big thing in food duets? The New York Times gives us a rundown of some promising newcomers to the hybrid food game. Which would you try first: The scruffin, the macaron Ice cream sandwich or  the  éclair cake?

The Wheels On The Sauna Go Round ‘n’ Round



If you don’t have time to go to the nearest sauna, let the sauna come to you. Introducing Surf Sauna, a customizable sauna-on-wheels made of red cedar that’s bringing the heat right to you. The “real” purpose of this sleek, barrel-shaped innovation was to warm up cold-water surfers apres surf—however, we think that it would have been a novel idea to have this by the cronut line this past winter as well.


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