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Rooftop Happy Hour Season



It’s getting warmer every day and you know what that means: rooftop happy hour! Let’s be honest, what could be better than a warm breeze, an ice-cold glass of your go-to cocktail and a killer view after a long day at the office? Check out Guest of a Guest‘s top tier rooftop watering holes around the city, with recommendations for any style and budget. Cheers!

A Memorial for Memorial Day Weekend



With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, it is only fitting that the 9/11 Memorial enter the discussion. Since its construction, the Memorial has been relatively under wraps behind a barricade of walls. This weekend, however, the Memorial is now open for the public to peruse sans walls and without ticket-free. The adjoining (recently controversial) 9/11 Museum, which reaches a depth of about 5 acres under the monument, has also launched into full action.

The New Kid on the Block



New Yorkers hate waiting in line for anything except Cronuts, but a new pairing just might make the list of line-worthy treats. With the introduction of Eataly’s Nutella Bar (yes, a bar dedicated to getting your Nutella fix), Chef Dominique Ansel of Cronut fame has teamed up with the new-to-the-block hotspot to offer Nutella filled Cronut holes for a limited time. Hurry out to join the fun with these little Nutella treats…and join the line!

This Wine or That Wine?

We all have our favorite wines, the old standbys, but sometimes when dining at a new restaurant, you want to try something different. Wine lists can be intimidating, so how do you make the right choice? Well, Bon Appetit is here to help you out. Check out their step-by-step guide to picking out wine at a restaurant.

But Why are the Limes Gone?



Your margaritas—whether being made at home or served at your favorite taqueria—might be affected by the recent lime shortage. That’s right. A gang in Mexico has been hijacking lime trucks, forcing farmers to pay ransom—and those prices are being passed along to us. Additionally, due to the drought in Mexico, the number of limes available is depleting. Even though the Mexican government has been fighting back, the lime shortage (and price increases) continue. Luckily, The New York Post has us covered with a recent article about lime-less cocktail recipes.

One Day in NYC

How does the pulse of the city affect you? A group of amateur and professional filmmakers, non-profit organizations and city locals from the five boroughs are trying to answer that question with their documentary “One Day in NYC.” The national 24-hour film project will give New Yorkers the opportunity to share their thoughts on this constantly changing city—and you can be a part of the movement. For more details about how you can participate in “One Day in NYC,” check out the link below:

Three Ways to Host the Best BBQ Ever

Memorial Day weekend is upon us…finally! What better way to celebrate all things summer than with the ultimate BBQ? Here are a few tips for making this classic get-together one for the books.
1. Tired of the red and white picnic motif? Add a theme. Old Hollywood? Indonesian Getaway? Game of Thrones? Make it fun!
2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Let yourself enjoy the party too, by enlisting guests bring food, drinks and of course, ice!
3. As compelling as your friends may be, sitting around could get boring. Bring back timeless games like horseshoe and badminton or set up a karaoke machine filled with summer classics. (And don’t forget to Insta-video.)

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